Saturday, March 29, 2008

Teledildonics 5000 - Fun Machine

Available for the first time ever. Online. Stop the presses! The first Teledildonics 5000 self release, Fun Machine was recorded in May '06 to a Craig cassette recorder with a Baldwin Fun Machine model 121 Series Organ. Special thanks to Luke Tweedy and Wade MalOrgan for technical support. Low-fi psychedelics, dreamy melody patterns and stoned funk. Orginally released on CDR with original artwork, they are still available in antiquated CD format (seriously, do any of your CDs last more than a couple months) if you are incredibly persistant and I'm feeling generous.
The reviews are out:
"'Body Language' - Song sounds like if you had a dance party but everyone got too stoned and paranoid to dance.Than out of nowhere this old guy that no one knows shows up and starts shakin his ass and just up and moonwalks out of the party. And everyone is like WTF. Then you find out is was Bruce Haack." - Nicholas Ray
"Yeah, in this is good stuff too!" (comments on the cover artwork) - Alicja Trout

Track listing:

1. Hard of the Sunrise

2. Body Language

3. Chasing the Dragon

4. Year of the Children

5. I Love A Circus

6. Heavy Petting

7. Seven Headed Snake

8. Watersports

9. Fields of Glass

Download the entire album:

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